Hej världen!

20160510 Välkommen till bloggen om tåg och om konsten och viljan att resa med tåg…

Bloggen TÅGRESENÄREN vill lägga NY räls för hållbara tankar om en hållbar tågtrafik…

TÅGRESENÄREN heter bloggaren som är textens lokförare och opinionsbildare för en framtida hållbar infrastruktur…



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  1. I agree with you 100%, Mr. Crumpler. I also subscribe to The Domino Project and when Mr. Emerson’s essay was release, I quickly downloaded it and began reading away. While there are a few pieces of meat in the essay, I found that I was chewing on a lot of bones. If I could summarize “Self-Reliance” in one sentence, it would be “And they did that which was right in their own eyes.” Not a good place to be.

  2. Essere dit :Intéressante déclinaison de photos très différentes mais où l’on retrouve des points communs (comme l’église). Ce sont de belles photos et c’est sympa de ta part de nous les montrer sans fioritures et dans un esprit de partage de tes pratiques. Merci Cathy.

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  4. A Belgium guy was just asking me about US cities here in Brussels, when I was checking out an awesome church. and I had to admit we don’t have many huge gothic buildings in the States like here in Europe. I can’t get over the awesome architecture here!

  5. Perhaps there is a biological solution. What eats these beetles? Everything has a predator of some sort. It’s not a magic solution, but it’s likely a sustainable one. And it’s also something individuals can group together to do — raise the predators and loose them in the affected areas.

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  7. 0  0 (0)Venga no jodais mas con politiqueos de mierda,que os pensais que todos los catalanes tenemos una cosa en la cabeza y es independizarnos,pues pa quien piense eso se equivoca,la graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan mayoria solo piensa en llegar a fin de mes como el resto de españoles que haya 20 independentistas no os alarmeis hay mas fachas con banderitas de españa con la aguila imperial,no jodais que cuando gano españa la eurocopa no veais como se puso barcelona(a mi me pegaron los antidisturbios y todo…lo que tiene la euforia…)venga menos fronteras y mas yerba

  8. Good luck Tonite is my first Friday and am finding it tough as I really want to let off some steam , but I know tomorrow I will feel massively disappointed . Aye, definitely feel better after a good detox, sadly I cannot do moderation easily , I do like the odd drink so I make it my reward for not drinking….if that makes sense.Hope you can kick your ‘meh’ feeling soon , exercise always lifts my mood when am feeling sluggish/down.

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  15. jako takhle – je transparentní – ale tím, že je bílej, tak pleÅ¥ ti ztmavovat (ani jí pÅ™idávat jakoukoli barvu) nijak nebude … tÅ™eba sypkej Dermacol je taky transparentní, ale protože nÄ›jakou barvu má, tak rozdíl vidím, nebílej pudr vždycky trochu zabarví …ale pokud bys chtÄ›la vyloženÄ› bílej, tak zkus Manic Panic :)

  16. Ora aqui está mais um exemplo de uma zona de Lisboa com muita, muita oferta de estacionamento. Então quando é para sair ao bairro, até fico indeciso com tanta fartura de lugar para estacionar.

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  18. tracey · Hi Joyce – Thanks so very much for linking to my little blog piece on your delightful ‘CycleStyle’ website (you’re an absolute delight and your business is WONDERFUL!).I must admit that the Lemon Straw version of the shopper was my favourite at first, but then the darker delights of the Cherry Straw Shopper seduced me! I’ll most definitely be coming shopping through your site soon … I’m SO VERY EXCITED about getting my ‘cycle style’ on with my future gorgeous bike purchase.

  19. Mary, it is so handy to have a few recipes around that use deli chicken for when you're in a hurry. This is beautiful with the green peas and sounds like it has just the right amount of spice.Sam

  20. Mignonne, allons voir si la roseQui ce matin avait déclôturéSa robe…(Bon, que ceux qui trouvent que certains devraient s’abstenir de déclore le bec à tort et à travers se dévouent pour les pousser tous dans le chlore, ou les chloroformer, par charité.)

  21. I tend to get stuck in a make-up routene when i find something that works (now its peaches and nudes with a pink lip) so as my make-up never changes and i always wear skinny jeans and an all saints t-shirt…I dont really have to chose one first! But i do get dressed AFTER i do my make-up as i have a horrid habbit of spilling loose powder!! xx

  22. Caiol,Que massa esse teu comentário!Fiquei muito na dúvida se publicava esse texto ou não, e na hora lembrei que você já tinha dito uma vez que gostava desses textos mais pessoais.Mas agora depois desse argumento fortíssimo da surpresa e diversidade, poderei publicar os próximos sem dúvida ou culpa :D:*

  23. ComorettoPensa che a me è capitato di trovare gente che non credeva che la luna si potesse vedere di giorno.Per dirimere la questione, ho dovuto portare una foto che avevo scattato molti anni prima verso le 3 del pomeriggio (in effetti, l'avevo scattata proprio perché mi colpì il fenomeno).

  24. Seal disse:E ainda por cima,mandaram recrutas inexperientes nos tanques que viraram alvos fáceis para os separatistas Chechenos nos altos dos prédios.Lembro-me de uma foto de um soldado russo carbonizado dentro do tanque. Lastimável!!

  25. Sure did. Time to be thankful the cabin is at less than 4000 feet. Still will have limited opportunities, but we’ll be able to chase some wild browns in a canal that looks more like a stream, as well as small wild rainbows in a nearby “Stream X” (11 miles out Forest Service roads). It’s small enough to not be impacted by runoff too much Thinking one spot I was hoping to visit will still be under snow, though. Looking forward to your Opening Day report(s).

  26. Menjar peix és més que recomanable, però tot i així el consum és, diguem-ne sostingut, quan en realitat te un potencial de creixement molt gran, crec que en part es deu a imperfeccions de comunicació i que no s’ha treballat prou bé, en fi deixem-ho que ja poso el xip professional…

  27. this used to be my hangout place. I even know the bosses and have the wait staff on my fb! But yes, the standards have slipped a bit and I stopped going. They are moving to a new place. I think Old School is being demolished or something? They may be good again at the new place.

  28. Mais il a raison qu’il y a un rapport entre le fromage et les odeurs de certaines parties du corps. D’ailleurs le proverbe dit : tes pieds sentent le camenbert….Mais le rapport du fromage avec les moustiques et les grenouilles m’échappe.

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  30. THIS so much to point 4. I hope Helo doesn't have any problems with his recently shot leg wound. Or Nicky doesn't have more problems with his kidneys. Or that the climate in the areas they've settled don't change too much from season to season. Or that there aren't any diseases that their immune system isn't used to around. Or that the natives aren't hostile. So on and so forth.

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  32. Piggy in the middle, Olympic edition. The difference being that for the Olympics, the players must all be riding an animal during the match. Traditionally it would be a pig, but that’s a touch inhumane (pigs are sore losers and often run into walls after a defeat, which can cause snout grazing). These days the players mostly ride cows, but anything goes.

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  36. Hey Dan, quick question. I was curious what the importance of the iron skillet was and why you say that’s central to the food preparation. Just wondering. Thanks for the vids!

  37. You can always reason with a panicky legislator trying to look busy in a crisis.(Ha!)Holy underwear! Sheriff murdered! Innocent women and children blown to bits! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

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  39. Good one for calling them out about the prize money. If that’s true then I think that’s totally ridiculous and unfair. If I were the 4th, 5th and 6th placed men, I’d split my winnings with my respective female competitors to make things right.

  40. Belle, efficaci, e diversificate, potrebbero andar bene anche per un videogioco, sulla seconda (quella blu) toglierei il loghino della Fox che "sporca" un po' la composizione, e farei i bagliori delle scritte sul retro tutti blu. :)

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  47. I just wanted to let you know that I had no idea of what was going on. I got an email from Kates webpage that brought me here. I’m very glad to hear that (Lin) is doing wonderfu. You guys are alwaysy prayers and thought. Once things settle down (ha, ha) hopefully we can get together or talk over the phone. I Love and Miss all of you…Diane & Family

  48. G’Day Sando, Cool clip! – I wish I lived closer to you so I could assist in the production of your ‘Awake’ movie. I sure love the idea & concept of open source! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

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  59. You should try the Jajangmyun there – it’s what most people order when they go to Arisun. That and the mandoo (dumplings)I think I was told that the owners are Chinese/Korean, so I guess that’s why the menu features more Chinese style dishes and why the Japchae was different. Also, the jajangmyun I mentioned above is the korean version of the Northern Chinese Zah Jiang Mian…

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